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Xtivity Solutions is a leading provider of telecommunication systems for the hospitality industry. Our engineering team can design and deliver advanced communications that improve the guest’s experience, enhance operations, improve customer service, and create new revenue.

Wireless communications are the latest “must-have” amenity in the hospitality industry. Guests and staff expectations for seamless cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, and security requirements for public safety top the list. Unfortunately many property owners and managers come to us after they have already spent time and money trying to install a wireless network. A reliable network is only accomplished with the proper site visits and engineering process. Let Xtivity do the design for you and we will save you time, money and provide you with a Wi-Fi network that your guests will love.

Simply put, we deliver the industry’s most capable Wi-Fi Hot Spot solutions and enabling you to achieve success.


A revolution has begun in how the world communicates through high performance and scalable mesh networks for Local, State, Federal Government and Military agencies.

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